Choosing Cats or Which Cat Should Choose You

After using various search engines to find advice on this topic I noticed that there was nothing from any of the cat charities appearing in a search engine result on the first or second page, so you may think that this is not an important issue but it could not be further from the truth.

Having spent most of my life either owning or facts about ragdoll looking after other people’s pets I have been able witness the problems that can occur when an inappropriate choice is made. We are always hearing about dogs, horses etc. being rescued by, that wonderful organisation, the RSPCA but cats do not often hit the news as they are more likely to just ‘up sticks and leave’ taking themselves off to the neighbours or to a more welcoming home a few streets away. But is this any excuse for making an inefficiently researched choice of pet?

Of course if you, or a loved one, has allergies you will research which cat would be best for you but have you also considered whether you want your cat to ‘help’ you with your various tasks around the place, do you want your furry feline leaping into the bath with you? Perhaps you would like a cat that chats or simply just lies around looking cute and cuddly? All of these aspects are very real considerations in the matter of cat choice.

You may think that there is a little exaggeration going on, but different breeds – and this can filter down to cross breeds too – have very distinct characteristics. The Turkish Van cat adores water, so much so that they have been known to leap into the bath with their owners or play with the water from the tap when the owner is trying to wash up. Burmese cats have been nicknamed the Dog Cat because of their loyalty to ‘their humans’ and enjoy nothing more than ‘helping’ with little chores like using the computer. Siamese cats are very vocal and will sit and ‘chat’ whilst the Rag Doll cat just likes to lie around like a….., well, like a rag doll.

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